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Per-Erik Lyggemark
ulrikagatan 28
Zip code
590 36
+46 494 12183
Description & additional info

I am a healer ( everybody is..) and my truth is that the only limit is your mind.

As an engineer I´ve always been curious of how things work. The mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health solution is more complex than Einstein theories all together. There is no single health solution that fits everybody. To actually be aware of  your own self-made obstacles is the first step of transformation. With my work I  support the client, whatever the issues or desires are. I listen to the tissue and impose nothing. What I have seen is that my work improve your posture, creates more mobility efficiency, and increases the faculty of motion, expanding your thoughts and on a deeper level, giving your soul more dimensions to grow in. Step by step.

So what´s the framework of my healing?  I incorporate methods like EBT, Reiki and Rebirth and other healing forms that have been beneficial to me. I also use Reconnective Healing. Things evolve and blend together.

To get a sense of my work you got to experience it yourself. To actually know the water, you got to swim it. I have my practice in Kisa, Sweden. A nice town nearby forest and lakes, south of Linkoping.

My website :

- Welcome to find out the mystery of life….

The only limit is your mind.

Everything is possible.

Meditation is the key

Breathing is the way

And awareness in love and being the cornerstones to a living life.