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International Conference

From: 2012-10-08
To: 2012-10-19
State: Costa del Sol


Body Harmony Teachers from all over the World come together to share the innovations they have uncovered since the last international. 

Every class during these 12 days points toward one common goal. Sharpening your perceptive abilities to take your work... and your life..... to the next level.

When athletes are at their most efficient, in the middle of a peak performance they call it being ‘in the zone,’ or ‘in the flow’, It’s a state where everything falls into place and works the way they always knew it could work: with ease and enjoyment. 

It’s a magical state. 

The International presents the mechanics of this state, the protocols of success in which one can practice their passion. 

You learn all purpose, across the board procedures, procedures to boost your results in every area that you apply them, not only in your practice but in all aspects of your life.  

It’s a journey of self discovery and more. It goes beyond just seeing what your future holds. If you would know what your future holds...create it. The International is how to create your future and livie life to your full potential.

The International in Spain is focused on the mechanics of living in this state. 

And  taking your professional practice from proficiency to artistry.

Providing you the ability to write your own life’s script to your own specifications




Know Yourself &

Miracles Happen! 

Free Will is the Ability to make Unconstrained Choices & 

This is about Developing Your Free Will Abilities

Starting When?

Well, the best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago.

The next best time is Here & Now.